Issue 6: Singapore

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  • Issue 6: Singapore

    As stunning inside as it is out, this mosque offers daily tours in English, Malay, Chinese and Japanese. No time for a tour? Admire the mosque’s golden domes from the street. Tip: You’ll have to remove your shoes and don a robe if your clothing is not modest enough.

  • A boat floating down the canal in Singapore. Photograph by Wai Kay Photography
    A boat floating down the canal in Singapore. Photograph by Wai Kay Photography

    Issue 6: Singapore

    Spend an afternoon or evening taking a boat down the Singapore River, a canal that runs through a central part of the city’s business district. Be sure to pick a tour that goes by the Merlion, the national icon that has a fish’s tail and a lion’s head, out of which a constant fountain of water flows. It makes for a cool, weird photo op. Grab a beer at any of the bars lining the canals afterwards and chat it up with locals and other tourists.

    • Issue 6: Singapore

      The divine orchid is as different from a supermarket bouquet of flowers as night is from day. Singapore’s National Orchid Garden, part of their Botanic Gardens, is the result of a breeding program that began in 1928, and it has bloomed into the largest display of tropical orchids in the world. Roaming the garden is a multi-sensory delight: The air smells fantastic, the orchids are in every color of the rainbow, and the level of organic detail in each petal is extraordinary.

      A thoughtful orangutan. Photographs by Wai Kay Photography
      A polar bear.
      A tiger prowls.
      A giraffe roams.
      • Issue 6: Singapore

        To wander through Little India is to see one of Singapore’s sweetest little corners. Bright leis of fresh flowers dangle for sale; the markets brim with jewel-hued eggplants and peppers; buildings are splashed with paint in colors like hot pink, bright blue and golden yellow. Don’t miss Tekka Market, a hawker market and one of Singapore’s top Indian food destinations. Visit at lunch, look for a line, and get in it: Whether it’s the lightest, fluffiest dosa or vadai, a savory doughnut, it may be some of the best Indian cuisine you’ve ever had.