Issue 7: New York

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    • Issue 7: New York

      Remember to visit Manhattan classics in addition to trendy hotspots. Keens Steakhouse, founded in 1885, fits the bill, delivering Old New York in spades—gloriously juicy steaks, fat mutton chops and oodles of atmosphere. Ask for a table where you can see the huge painting of the tiger, or have a fabulous lunch at the bar while “Miss Keen,” a painted nude, gazes down at you languorously from her perch above the fine Scotches. And don’t forget to look up! The ceilings here are lined with the smoking pipes of former patrons, including Babe Ruth and Albert Einstein, whose pipes are proudly displayed in the foyer.

      A cocktail being poured. Photographs by William Hereford
      Shaking a drink.
      A variety of gin on display.
    • King crab tostada with chipotle "ash." Photograph by William Hereford
      • Issue 7: New York

        It’s a New York rule: You must eat pizza while you’re here. Locals will argue about the best in town—Di Fara in deep Brooklyn is great; Zero Otto Nove in the Bronx is solid; Grimaldi’s is a throwback. In Soho, conveniently enough, is Rubirosa, a fantastic pizzeria that is not only romantico, it also takes reservations in advance. Order thin-crust pies with spicy soppressata or sausage, a bottle of red wine, and a table tucked into a corner.

      • Shake Shack burgers. Photograph by William Hereford
      • Waiting for a table at MCF. Photograph by William Hereford
        Waiting for a table at MCF. Photograph by William Hereford

        Issue 7: New York

        The best part about being a tourist here is that you can hit the most popular spots during off-hours. Mission Chinese specializes in mashup Szechuan-American fare like “kung pao pastrami” and chicken fried rice incorporating both chicken liver and schmaltz (chicken fat). It can be crowded and dimly-lit, sure, but it’s always a darn good time. Arrive when it opens, or at lunch, to avoid the hubbub. Don’t ignore the menu’s spice warnings; dishes that are hot are very hot. It’s worth it; just order plenty of rice!

        Farm egg with golden corn and summer truffle. Photographs by William Hereford
        Dining room tables.
        Waiters conferring at the bar.
        Jewel-hued beets.
        • Issue 7: New York

          A well-kept Chinatown secret, The Fat Radish is one of the best date spots around. It’s dimly lit, with an urban barnyard aesthetic including white-washed brick walls, lots of light and a chill vibe; Bob Dylan was playing the night we visited. Every meal starts with gratis pickled radishes, but the entrées are plenty substantial: celery root pot pie with Gruyere has a flaky crust, and a kale Caesar salad is strewn with bacon, anchovies and slices of soft-cooked egg

          • Issue 7: New York

            However one feels about mornings, a lazy brunch in New York is an un-skippable pleasure. Whether it’s a warming bowl of oatmeal sparkling with brown sugar and berries or a hearty plate of lamb meatballs to counter the poor decision-making of the evening prior, Dudley’s is a fine place to shake off the cobwebs of night. The light pours through the windows, the waiters are sweet, and it’s a fine way to see New Yorkers at their most pleasant before leaving town.