Issue 8: Dubai

Discover a locally curated guide to the city's finest experiences

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  • An array of earrings and bangles at a stall in the gold souk. Photograph by Walter Shintani.
    • Issue 8: Dubai

      Need a break from the bright lights? Leave the bustle of the city behind on a safari deep into the vast Arabian Desert. An exhilarating 4×4 ride over the massive dunes brings you to camp for a traditional dinner and a magical view of the sun setting over the sands. Other highlights include camel rides, falconry, and belly dancing by firelight.

    • Sacks of dried flowers and spices line the souk stalls. Photograph by Walter Shintani.
    • Golfers at play. Photograph by Walter Shintani.
      • Issue 8: Dubai

        Party on a palatial scale at this stylish club–one of the city’s largest–set inside a glass pyramid atop the posh Raffles Hotel. While known for attracting top DJs, it has something to please everyone: hit the illuminated dance floor or settle into a white leather booth with jaw-dropping views of the city.

        Water, highways and skyscrapers. Photographs by Walter Shintani.
        A chain of islands.
        A plane on the dock.
        Gliding over the city.
        Waiters line a dancefloor. Photographs by Walter Shintani.
        A plush corridor.
        A vodka tonic.
      • Issue 8: Dubai

        Prepare to be amazed by the sheer scale and beauty of this skyscraper–the tallest building in the world. Just how big is it? So big you could watch the sun set on the ground and then zoom up to the 124th floor and watch it set again. (Go ahead, try it!) But remember: it’s perpetually packed so save time by booking ahead.