Conservation International

FIJI Water has cultivated a long-term partnership with Conservation International, a leading environmental organization, with whom we have been working to preserve the purity and biological wealth of the Fijian Islands. A chief project in this effort has been the conservation of Fiji’s largest remaining unprotected rain forest, the Sovi Basin. By supporting the Conservation International team in this landmark project, FIJI Water has played a key role in establishing a long-term conservation lease for approximately 40,000 acres of rain forest land. Preventing future logging and degradation of the Sovi Basin will not only produce significant environmental benefits, but will also have positive socioeconomic impact on local communities.

FIJI Water has also been working with Conservation International on a large-scale reforestation project in Fiji to restore a total of 2,800 acres of degraded grasslands on the island of Viti Levu. Aside from long-term environmental benefits, this project will also create jobs and income for local communities. The planting of native tree seedlings will prevent soil erosion, provide watershed protection and expand critical habitats for endangered species, while the planting of hardwood timber like teak and mahogany, as well as sandalwood species, will generate future income sources for local communities.